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Pastor Rick Hall
A Different Perspective!


The following article can only be received and accepted as truth
 by believers whose sins are forgiven by Christ's sacrifice on Calvary.
Religious spirits are not necessarily spiritual believers as is easily
witnessed by the pharisetical judgmental attitude of modern church.
Adam and Eve were naked and innocent before God till they found
out their sin was believing the creature instead of the Creator God.

One of the most misunderstood biblical truths is
discovered when we try to define how Almighty God
 looks upon man's nudity in holy scripture concerning
  His faithful believers of any age.  Nudity is a subject
many pastors are careful to avoid teaching about moreso
than all other biblical subjects combined.   But uncommon
to popular religious belief in this last age, nudity is NOT
something God is against - actually, He never was.

Throughout the Bible the Lord has promoted the faith of
a little child as being a priority to God.  Jesus told us...

Except ye be converted and
become as little children, ye
shall not enter into the
kingdom of heaven.

Little children have pure faith and it is only the parent
who can alter that simple faith with ideas that is not of God;
things like, "cover yourself up, you should not be running
around naked and be seen."  God is covered with righteousness
as are those who've accepted Christ's finished work on Calvary.
God doesn't need to wear clothing as He is without sin.  The Lord
walked with Adam and Eve with great harmony in the garden
till sin reared its ugly face upon the Lord's creation of man.

Little children are the happiest when running and playing in the
nude - can't you think back that far?  Adam and Eve were the first
nudists!  That's a fact!  God created Adam and Eve, the first nudists
 and He fellowshipped with them in the garden; and it was good.
God did not create man with clothing, their fashion was nakedness.
So why do so many well-meaning folks look upon nakedness as
something that's wrong?  The errors that parents make with
raising their children is not allowing them to remain children;
instead telling them that it's wrong to be seen in the nude!


WHERE is it written that ANYTHING God created is evil?  The facts
are, God created mankind without clothing and saw that it was good.
Yet, we hear the few pastors that'll address nudity saying, "we're called
by God to dress modest and pure."  Beloved, not that it would ever occur,
but IF the entire flock is saved and forgiven of their sins, they could
all be in worship services stark naked and never once offend God.
Adam needed a COVERING for his failure to ask God's forgiveness
but the second Adam, Jesus, provided the only covering a saved
person will ever need before God, His precious Blood-covering.

The problem with the parson's ploy for personal modesty and pureness
is that there's nothing immoral or impure about the naked body - that is
 unless that person is carnal-minded when dealing with the subject of
 nudity.  Many of these impure are Christ-rejectors and unsaved souls.
Everywhere in scripture where it talks of nakedness being covered has
to do with unsaved, unforgiven sinners and never once speaks of the
truly saved, covered-by-the-pure-Blood of Jesus in God's eyes.

If Your Sins Are COVERED
They DON'T A Covering!

Without the Blood-covering of Jesus, all souls are lost and everyone
would need to always wear clothing in social gatherings.  However,
once a person is truly saved and forgiven for original sin, Adam's
covering of clothing is no longer necessary among Christians;
family members in Christ and who are our brothers, sisters and mothers
but those are choosing to DO the biblical-will of God.  If you have a
parson (pastor) who's against nudity when dealing with the saved,
 or if he calls nakedness evil, a dose of pure justice would have you
 share with him the real truth of what's written in God's Word.

To the average religious spirit, nudity reveals their own evil

sin-nature and few folks, if any, want to expose their sins in the
  sight of others.  Many cannot see anything but sin when they think
about being naked in the light of an extremely sinful world;
 let alone before GOD!  Yet the God of the universe knows all
the thoughts of His children and that they're almost always
continual evil when looking upon another's bare flesh.  It
doesn't have to be that way even though it usually is.

Parents, let the buck stop with you.  Don't tell your children it's
their bodies are evil...that is telling God He doesn't know what
He is talking about.  It's making a mockery about the creation
and grouping all, the good and the evil-minded alike into one
basket, the forgiven sinner with the open sinner and that is
not close to God's biblical plans for all His children.

Adam and Eve were indeed created naked and were
unashamed of their bodies (Genesis 2:25). Their primary
knowledge was TO DO GOOD and good they did before
 sin entered into their hearts. Unrepentant sin began earth's
 vile corruption which today shows a world fit for divine
destruction.  It's fact, perversion of God's mandates through
"alternative lifestyles" are the last straw before GOD sends His
 destruction and Sodom and Gomorrah's history will repeat
upon this very generation soon  (GENESIS 19:1-25, ROMANS 1:22-27, & ECCLESIASTES 3:15)  

History does repeat 
itself periodically and that's the perfect
will of GOD for His children.
Perversions  of God's Word, law
 and lifestyles  adverse from Christianity bring a swift Judgment.

Kinship Nudity Was Forbidden
 By Moses in the Old Testament!

None of you shall approach to
any that is near of kin to him,
to uncover their nakedness.
The nakedness of thy father,
or the nakedness of thy mother,
shalt thou not uncover:
she is thy mother; thou shalt
not uncover her nakedness.

Due to the evil and adulterous people who inhabited Egypt
as well as the lands of Canaan, Moses was instructed to warn
 the Israelites not to do what the world of their day was doing.

In those countries it wasn't uncommon for a brother to
marry his sister, or sister her father...the world was heathen
and incestual and God wanted a people to come out and
away from them to be His very Own.  Since Adam's fall to sin
 in Eden, nakedness was considered shameful; a man's sin of
 the flesh and it was mandated that humans were to cover their
 bodies in an act of humility to avoid being sinful before others.
King David
2nd king of Israel

Pictured above is David, second king of ancient Israel
as sculptured by Michaelangelo, the great Italian artist-
sculpturer.  However Michaelangelo was a Roman and
quite frankly paid no attention to detail as David, a Jew,
is shown uncircumsized as were all heathen Roman men.
Being a Jew and dedicated to GOD as an 8 day old baby,
under the Abrahamic covenant, David was circumsized.

In the post-sin Old Testament it was even forbidden to
uncover the nakedness of those who were near in kinship:
father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, father-in-law,
mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, grandsons,
granddaughters, aunt, uncle.  To disobey these divine laws
uncovers thy father's nakedness in the eyes of God (Leviticus 18:9-17)

When Almighty God looks upon a husband and a wife -
He sees only one.  Therefore, if a man's wife was uncovered by
another person, the nakedness was clearly upon her husband.
The uncovered nakedness of a sister, as she is the daughter
of her father, is to uncover her father's nakedness.

Sin Began In The Garden Of Eden!

God's First Nudists!

When we look upon Adam and Eve - God's first nudists,
we can easily see that our foreparents were created bare
naked yet they were not ashamed of th
eir nudity.

And they were both naked, the man and
 his wife, and they were not ashamed.


A true, unbiased search into the events of a pre-sin Eden
reveals that first man's nakedness was even a frolicking joy
 for our care-free
ancestors and, as God's innocent children,
they were living a literal heaven on earth in the Garden of Eden.
Adam and Eve's bare bodies were certainly never a problem
for their loving, Creator GOD - from the very beginning. 

What Caused Man's Nudity
To Become So Utterly Shameful?

Anything not done by faith is sin
.  God knows all-too-well
that basic man walks by sight is faithless by the flesh;
man is a sinner and God knows all the hearts of his children.
  Though many try to be strong in the spirit, with a strong
sin-nature, that's a hard row to hoe. 

Nakedness in Eden was not a concern to Adam and Eve as
they walked with God in the Garden of Eden.  They were comfortable
 being nude
because they were sinless and possessed but one
 knowledge; a knowledge to do GOOD!   As little children just
love to be naked anywhere and everywhere they choose to wander,
don't discount that little child in all of us who says in spirit,

 "Why can't I be naked and feel
at ease as
little children do?  Why
do I have to have a sin nature!"

A child's nakedness is innocent, even cute, because they are
without the ever-present
knowledge of sin and their innocence will
remain till the parents inform them to cover up their bodies
 in front of others who live outside their home environment. 

Nobody Has To Live With A Sin Nature!

Yes, the innocent years for children should be a wonderful time
  of care free fun; even as creation's first couple enjoyed their sinless
  romp openly expressed in their nakedness before Almighty God.
Naked, but their innocence before God didn't realize that fact.

Can you think of someone besides Jesus who could walk naked
into a room right now without feeling ashamed by their nudity?


If your answer is little children, you're absolutely correct!  Why?
Little children have innocence about them when it comes to nudity
 because they don't know any better.  Jesus, being perfect, would
 not be ashamed of His body He alone created! (John 1:1-3,14, Colossians :12-16)

If both answers were correct, good, but you still are missing one?
How about a saved Christian believer who's not vexed with
the lusts of the world, the pride of life, or the religious hypocrisy
that pervades much of the church today?  Should Christians be
ashamed of the bodies God created for them?  We say NO!
That point will soon be discussed in great detail in this article!

Nudity Was A Really
Good Thing In Eden!

That is until Adam & Eve chose to disobey their loving God
and eat from
"the tree of the knowledge of good and evil!"


When they ate of the forbidden fruit, they became lukewarm,
their innocence instantly disappear and then they knew they
were naked before a perfect, righteous God.   Shame entered
into their hearts for the very first time.  Friends, that's NOT
myth, it's truth.  The following will offend some people
but when hasn't the truth offended those who choose not
to be truthful and obey God's rules for spiritual benefit?

They Knew They Were Naked!

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God and chose to believe
the serpent instead of their Lord, they began to see themselves
as God sees sin in
their nakedness; being open and exposed
as only God Himself can reveal sin!   They ran and hid them-
selves from the presence of the Lord, their best Friend. 

Nudity Is Still A Really Good Thing With God!

cast out

Why Did God Banish Adam & Eve?

By their disobedience, they broke a covenant with the Lord,
but it wasn't that which caused their banishment from Eden.
How many of you always obeyed your parents?  The answer is
none!  Did you get thrown out when you disobeyed your parents?
If they were loving parents your answer is no!  So we can
deduce that it wasn't eating the forbidden fruit that caused
their shameful departure from Eden.  What could it be then?

God is the Same All The Time
He Does Not Change!

(Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8)

For everyone who's been to our counseling sessions, that's an
easily answered question but to a vast majority who look at
everything from the physical point first, that query is not
that easy.  But knowing the answer to this question will make
one's degree of forgiveness leap by bounds and bounds.

Adam and Eve were not cast from the Garden because they were
disobedient.  They were banished because they failed to be repentant
to God and ask for His forgiveness.  Had they asked the Lord to
forgive them, not only would they have been forgiven, but restored to
 their heaven on earth homeland immediately.  There would have been
no "days of labour" for us to contend with because an unchanging
God will forgive our sins and Adam's before us - always and forever.

There's No Limit To Forgiveness!

JESUS told Peter there's no limit to the amount of times a brother
could sin against him, to reach a point when Peter didn't have to
offer forgiveness.  Jesus told Peter "70 times 7" and understanding
 the values of the biblical numbers makes the answer very simple. 
"I say not unto thee, Until seven times; but
Until seventy times seven." (Matthew 18:22)

Seven (7) is the number of "fulness, limitation or completion"
and ten (10) is the number of law; the Ten Commandments. 

Seventy times seven is - a fulness (7) of the law (10) times another
 fulness (7).  If we know that the days of our labour are 6,000 years
 or 6 days and the millennial kingdom on earth is a period of one
 thousand years, or the 7th day - then we can go direct to Revelation
Chapter 20 to see the end of the law when the Great White Throne
 is set up in heaven.  At that time there's no flesh remaining that
requires the law; since the law is a teacher only for the flesh.

A fulness of the law ends at the great white throne and times
another fulness means our forgiving others enters eternity future
or, Jesus is telling us 'we must always forgive others without limit!'

Making a long story short, had Adam and Eve asked God
to forgive them, He would have forgiven and restored them back
to Eden and forgotten about their disobedience.  But they did
not ask the Almighty to forgive their disobedience.  They tried
to make God believe that their sin was not their fault. 

Adam said, it was the woman God gave him that CAUSED
 him to err.  The woman told God it was the serpent who tricked
 her and CAUSED her sin.   What caused their banishment from
Eden was Adam and Eve's failure to accept responsibility for
their disobedient actions and asking God to forgive them!

Lesson here: Accept Responsibility For Our Actions!

Adam & Eve Refused To Repent!


Their disobedience was someone else's fault, not theirs.  And
for their penalty they were banished from this awesome Garden
of Eden, to tend an ugly land in a world outside of God's kingdom
on the earth.  However, before they were banished from Eden,
God killed innocent animals and made them clothes to cover
their sinful nakedness from his eyes.  Thus the first blood covering
for sin became innocent animals.  Since then nudity has been
everyone's shame to bear, or bare, if the pun is appropriate. 

From Sin to The Saviour!

Jesus on the Cross
Jesus was crucified totally naked, bearing
 our sin-shame for all mankind - not with the
cloth garment as shown in the above photo!

To show Jesus pictured on a Cross with a cloth covering his
genitals isn't appropriate because God was crucified totally
as in all crucifixions, for the crowds to see his shame.
But Jesus was perfect and His pure, perfection had no shame.
To show Jesus in this picture of His Roman crucifixion wearing
a cloth covering, makes him appear as a sinner.  He was not
a sinner; his sacrificial gift to us illustrates no shame for nudity.
The artist must have been religious without a relationship to
portray the Lord Jesus on the Cross with a sin covering!

Sin to The Saviour!

From the fall of man to sin in Eden to the Crucifixion of Jesus on
the Cross, man's nakedness was open sin before a perfect God, and
considered taboo by all people; by the church and by a heathenistic
world about us.  Other than for warmth in the seasons, the reason
 we cover our bodies in the presence of others is because we have
been taught to cover up as children.  Saying that to a child is
telling them what God made is evil and needs to be covered.

Now that we're on the same page spiritually and understand
the cause of man's sinful nature - what was the Remedy that restored
all believers back under the grace that Adam and Eve enjoyed before their
fall to sin?  The answer:  Jesus' death on Calvary forgave the sins
of everyone who would henceforth bow their knee to God's will
over their own free will and believe in the name of the only
Son of God.
  Do that, and you no longer come under the
curse of sin or the shame of your nakedness.  In other words,
Christians, like pre-sin Adam and Eve, are able to be naked
before God and mankind once again and He looks upon them as
we would a cute naked little child frolicking in our backyard.

That IS the truth,
however most brothers and sisters in Christ,
the believing church, have been raised in theology who leads us to believe
  that a believer's bare flesh is shame before God - as open sin.  That's saying,
Christ didn't die once for ALL our sins and the world's shame for nudity
still applies to the saved as well. 
That isn't even close to being correct
 doctrine and it's certainly not within the guidelines of God's Word.

Why Did God Cover
Adam & Eve's Nudity?

A simple answer is that God can only look upon a sinful nature
as nakedness and evil.  That's, "a sinful nature!"  Many of the
Old Testament holy men prophesied in the nude and the apostles
of the Lord Jesus fished without clothing to save their only clothes
 being poor.  David danced naked before the Ark of the Covenant as it
 was a time of happiness.  David was clearly an Old Testament Nudist.

When the apostles saw someone they thought to be Jesus on
the shoreline, it is written in the King James Bible...

Therefore the disciple whom Jesus loved saith
unto Peter, It is the Lord.  Now when Simon Peter
 heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher's
 coat unto him, (for he was naked) and
did cast himself into the sea.
JOHN 21:7

If there was anything immoral about Simon Peter's nudity,
don't think for an instant Jesus wouldn't have rebuke him soundly.
We need to know the difference between the two kinds of nudity.
Nakedness can be either a blessing or a curse to our Lord.  So you
ask yourself, Can a Christian be a nudist today?  After reading
this far along in the article, can you truly ask that question?

A Curse of Nakedness!
Pornography is the demeaning factor of mankind and a curse to the
workings of the Lord.  But most porn-merchants aren't laying claim
to the calling of Christianity either.  Other curses on nudity today are
sexual unions between unmarried people, all homosexual and lesbian
relationships and the oldest profession, prostitution. 

Christians are followers of Jesus Christ but they are also known as...
 "forgiven sinners for whom nakedness has no stain or shame."  Jesus
died once and His ultimate sacrifice on Calvary was sufficient to
forgive all who accept Him as their Lord, God and Saviour.  For
these precious people, nudity is a wonderful blessing to behold
as believers are restored to the grace of Adam and Eve and their
nudity is not a shame before the Lord.  This sin skin was
forgiven by the precious shed Blood of Jesus on the Cross.

More Spiritual Food!

Ask yourselves in earnest?  What if Adam and Eve would had
asked God to forgive them in the Garden of Eden - what would be
the world scene look like today?  Cool question and it's got some
great and enlightening answers.  For one there would be no sin.
No one would have evil or adulterous thoughts and gross
fornication between consenting adults would never have occurred.

There'd be no artificial highs! No drugs, alcohol, over-eating,
rape, murder, incest, carnal knowledge or adultery.  Single people
wouldn't live together or partake in sex freely as husband and wife
 because they'd have no knowledge to do evil.  Wouldn't it be great?

Clothing Can Cause Problems!

Have you ever heard of rape at a nudist colony?  Molestations?
Fornication?  Murder?  Adultery?  Of these we have not heard!
When people are naked it removes the mystique and even the
desire to lust after other people.  Deanna and I have visited nudist
events and, with a clear and good heart, they're exactly as I'm
writing about.   You see, perverts thrive on controlling others
but their folly loses its intrigue when a potential mark is already
without clothing.  All things naked levels the playing field
 and there's no need for evil thinking, but thoughts need imag-
ination and nothing's left to that.  Why can't the church catch on?

It's truly a shame to see young people wearing bikinis so
small nothing is hidden anyway.  But the worldly love to
tease their neighbor and that could well contribute to sexual
immorality.  If you're a Christian young lady adn are going
that far, it is more godly to become a Christian naturist than
to flaunt your near naked frame in front of who-knows-who?


People surmise that if their children grow up in a nudist
 environment, they might be prone to being sexually immoral
 but the opposite is true.  Kids who've seen a lot of nudity in
formative years
find nothing exciting about pornography;
they're less likely to engage in sex out of marriage and they're
 unlikely to find dirty jokes amusing.  Sex education provided
 by an openness between parents and their children,
 can be done in a clean, matter-of-fact manner.

Webster's definition for the word

1. the painful feeling of having done or experienced something
that is dishonorable, improper, foolish, etc.  2. capacity to experience
this feeling; to be without shame. 3. disgrace,  ignominy. 4. a cause for
regret, disappointment etc.; it was a shame you weren't there. 
-v.t. 5. to cause to feel shame.  6. to activate or motivate through shame;
he shamed me into going.; 7. to cause to suffer disgrace - idiom.
8. for shame, (used to induce feelings of guilt in someone.)
9. put to shame. a. to cause to suffer shame or disgrace. b. to out do;
surpass.  Shameful: 1. disgraceful or scandalous; vile, shameful behavior.

Can we see that Jesus being naked on the Cross was the
epitome of dying for our dishonorable, improper, foolish and
scandalous, vile lives?  He suffered disgrace for us all and in
that there's no shame from this end on the Lord Jesus Christ.
He is a Hero of heroes, our Lord, and King of all Kings!
Nowhere in the New Testament or the Old Testament does the
Bible say the nakedness of a faithful servant is a thing of evil.

On the contrary, nudity is a very good thing if we can get
by the stigma so many religious spirits have unrighteously
placed upon a naked body.  What God has made, can the pious
say it is evil?  My wife and I are not ashamed of our nakedness
but in today's evil thinking and adulterous world, unbelievers
misuse nakedness to promote their sinister ways and that's not
of the Lord nor in His omniscient and holy will for His children.

Being a Christian means putting on the divine traits of our
Lord and Saviour, Jesus.  There's no longer a need for shame with
our nudity - private or public.  All things are lawful unto believers
 but we should never use our gift of grace to place a stumbling block
 in the paths of our brothers or sisters who might be weaker in scriptural
understanding that they cannot receive this truth filled dissertation.


Can A Born-Again Christian
 Become A Practicing Nudist?


My wife and I are strong Christians and nudists too!  We
thoroughly enjoy swimming naked and relaxing as natural as
God has given us that peace.  All things are lawful to believers, but
all things are not expedient.
  We're careful not to flaunt our nudity
 before those we feel could be offended by it. There's clearly a time
and a place for everything under the sun. A Christian becoming
a nudist is the most natural thing, but one must first put on the
personage of our Lord Jesus, and ask Him, What would you do in
this or that situation?  Friends, ask and ye shall receive! (Matthew 7:7,8)

Christians becoming nudists is almost redundancy.  If we're
 truly believers, what God has created cannot be called evil of bad.
The choice whether you're comfortable to be nudists or not is yours
alone to make, but with that grace comes responsibility.  Many
of our long time friends know that we're Christian nudists,
but not once have they ever once tried to judge us because our
intimate friends know that our spirits belong to Jesus Christ.

A Naturist Wedding Ceremony?

The obvious question that's possibly in many minds right now is,
"as a pastor, have you ever performed a nudist wedding ceremony?"
My answer is no, not yet, but if it presented itself, I know we would?

Yes we would if we had a real peace about the people and it'd be a
 blessing if the couple & their families were true Christian naturists.


If you've not tried nudism, do it for all the right reasons once.
A wet swimming suit is not our idea of comfort. But unless it's
with Christians who are comfy with nudism, we wouldn't think of
 offended them by skinny-dipping in their presence.  Let's keep
it in mind that Satan is the father of lies & pornography but only a
ignorant religious zealot would call God's creation pornography.

Many Famous People Enjoy Nudism!

According to a reliable Christian nudist website, we're not
the only believers who love to frolick as little children nude.
The well-respected and accomplished evangelist Billy Graham
was known to enjoy skinnydipping in the White House pool with
President Lyndon Johnson.  Amy Grant, the beloved pop-gospel
 singer caused quite a stir in the mid-80s when she talked about
 skinnydipping and sunning nude on an African beach. 

C. S. Lewis, the Oxford Don and honored Christian author and
 lecturer enjoyed the Oxford tradition of male skinnydipping
and made many naturist-friendly references in his fine works.
More and more Christians are discovering nudity as they
find that Jesus died for every believer's shame.  Being restored
to the lost grace of Adam and Eve when Jesus gave up His
Ghost on Calvary, all those who find God find grace also.

If anyone is tempted
by nakedness or addicted to sexual
immorality; a lot of prayer should
be exhibited before a nudist
 encounter.  God bless you who've taken the time to read & receive
what is written here in earnest.  Remember, before you judge
anyone too harshly, do as Jesus said, and walk an additional
mile in their shoes.  Judge not, that ye be not judged (Matthew 7:1,2).

We said in a disclaimer in the beginning that this article would
be controversial - but it's only a controversy to unbelievers and
the unbelieving find lust in nudity because they haven't as
yet found Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Covering for sin.
The unsaved have no covering for their sin before God.
The faithful servant has Jesus as their only covering needed.

Judge not according to the appearance,
but judge righteous judgment
(John 7:24).
Jesus Christ (AD 33)

May our Lord Jesus bless you and your house with wisdom!



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